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Are you facing foreclosure? Do you need to relocate but are afraid your home isn't worth what you owe?

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Help for Distressed Homeowners:
What if I'm underwater in my mortgage???

Macroeconomic conditions leave many homeowners facing financial hardship. The housing boom that started in the 1990's was in its last days in 2005. Prices began declining in 2006 and were in free-fall by 2007. Before the asset collapse, a family facing economic hardship could have remedied their situation by putting their home up for sale with the confidence that they would receive not only what they paid for the home, but even more with rapidly appreciating home values. After the bubble burst, many families found themselves in homes that were worth less than they owed.

While market conditions have improved dramatically in the last 2 years, values have not fully recovered and have actually become stagnant more recently. If a homeowner is having a financial hardship, he/she may be forced to make the unattractive choice between putting food on the table and paying the mortgage. When children are involved, the correct choice is clear, but no less difficult. Eventually, homeowners in this situation will be faced with the possiblity of foreclosure.

However, distressed homeowners can get help. There are several options available to people in this situation. If you are in this situation, you may be able to refinance or work out an agreement with your lender to make payments affordable. The government has a number of programs available to help you (see links below). You can also hire an experienced real estate agent to perform a short sale. Foreclosure should be a last resort.

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Home Affordable Modification Program
                 The latest and most popular federal program
                 Avoid foreclosure

Hope Now
                 Support and Guidance for Homeowners

HUD foreclosure website
                 Get advice on avoiding foreclosure

Illinois Housing Development Authority
                 What to do When Facing Foreclosure

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                 Avoid Foreclosure: Illinois - HUD